picoFlamingo Videos

Please, visit our picoFlamingo Channel in YouTube. here some examples:

Cracking Egg: Multi-Language Voice Commanding Pink Egg: OpenMoko 3D control

picoFlamingo Photos

picoFlamingoid early version
picoFlamingo "The Cracking Egg" now comes with a simple Android application to control picoFlamingo presentations from your mobile.
picoFlamingo Hardware Size
picoFlamingo fits in your hand!
Early picoFlamingo Prototype
A beagleBoard C2 with a very simple case and the picoProjector and BlueTooth dongle on top.
picoFlamingo Pink Egg hardware working
All the picoFlamingo Pink Egg hardware components working together for a demo. Still early prototype far from full integration.
Hardware setup for testing NetKitty
Our testing setup using our current BeagleBoard Rev B6... we really need a Rev C board;) The Beagle is connected to an external USB hub where the Bluetooth device is attached. We are using the serial console on the Beagle for testing the system.
NetKitty on the Beagle
In this screenshoot you can see the minicom serial console (window above) connected to the Beagle and running NetKitty in server mode using a BlueTooth RFComm channel (channel 4 in this case).

The terminal below is a normal xterm running on our laptop and using Netkitty to send messages to the Beagle, after discovering the Beagle Bluetooth address. The Hello Beagle!! message was written in the laptop and the Hello World!!! message was sent by the Beagle.