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I achieved my Telecommunication Engineering degree in 1998 at the University of Vigo and then, I became a PhD candidate (actually there was life before this, but that is another history, the so-called pre-degree age :).

At the same time, I worked in the R+D project "Sistema de Visión Artificial en Tiempo Real para la clasificación de pescados." or in english "Real-Time Artificial Vision System for Fish Classification". You can get more information here and some images of the system here.

In 1999 I moved to Madrid to know how things are carried out in private companies.

I started working at Telefónica I+D (1999) as system engineer at the Advance Mobile Network Service Division building stress testing programs in Inteligent Network environments. Almost inmediately (two months later), I was hired by Inicia S.A (1999-2000 Prisa Group), and ISP and Internet Portal which was bought by Tiscali some years later. In Inicia I worked as Data Architect, designing and tuning Oracle Databases, and as web developer on Java-Based Application Servers. I also was in charge of developing and maintaining unattended/automatic database update applications for the portal.

At the end of 2000 I begin working at the Spain Office of NetDecisions. I spent a month on the UK offices of the company in Hammersmith (London) collaborating as Java developer in the development of a French portal and getting training about the company software procedures. In the Spain office I worked as Senior Software Engineering in web development and EAI.

Finally, one year later (2001), I began working for INDRA Sistemas S.A as System Analyst. At INDRA I mainly worked developing Test Equipment for Communication Systems (from communication band to radar band). Throughout those project I was exposed to a lot of different technologies (busses like GPIB, VXI, cPCI) and disciplines (Software engineering, Mechanical design, Safety, EMC, etc...). Interesting stuff. I'd got a lot of different roles there: developer, analyst and software responsible managing small groups of persons for national and international projects.

In 2004 I try to advance my thesis moving it to Madrid were I was living and I joined the DEI Laboratory. During this year we got a poster published at the Coordination 2005 congress. You can see the work here as well as other technical reports wrote during that time.

I quit INDRA en February 2006 and went back to Vigo to work on a Research Project on Virtual and Augmented Reality, a new and interesting topic. I was working at the GPI-RV as researcher in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies as well as HMI/HCI solutions. You can know more about what I did there on this link.

In summer 2007 I moved to UK to work on the field of surveillance systems. There I worked mainly on image processing algorithms on embedded systems and using OpenGL for data visualisation and HMI. I also had to develop a simple distributed system and connection to relational databases to support large installations.

Now I'm living in the Netherlands since April 2008 and I work as a contractor for ESA at ESTEC in the TEC Directorate. Here I deal with visualisation topics related to simulation and also with wearable augmented reality systems.

I'm still trying to finish my PhD thesis on software engineering which makes use of the GNU/EDMA project. GNU/EDMA is part of the GNU project and I am its maintainer. I have also contributed to some Spanish congresses and more recently to some International congresses.

For several years (1998-2001) I wrote GNU/Linux papers for Linux Actual, Solo Linux and Programación Actual, spanish magazines which are no longer published. Now I have started a new project: "Occam's Razor". A technical and scientific (someday I hope) free magazine.

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