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Main Research topics

Current research topics are mainly related to software engineering, the main topic of my ongoing thesis.

Software Engineering

Within software engineering I am working on dynamic object oriented and component based environments applied to distributed environments. To do that I am using the GNU/EDMA system developed here, at the GPI. Currently I am exploring the use of GNU/EDMA in various field of software engineering in which I think the programming model provided by GNU/EDMA will result interesting.

These fields are listed bellow:

 · Software Evolution and Run-time Updating.
 · Mobile Agent Platform.
 · Aspect Oriented Programming.
 · Formal Models.

Additional works on mathematical formalisation of above researchs is simultaneously carried out in order to provide formal results on the soundness of this work.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Now, I'm working at GPI-RV, the Image Processing and Virtual Reality Group at University of Vigo. So, the following topics are also of interest for me from a research point of view.

  · Virtual Reality
  · Augmented Reality
  · Computer Graphics and Visualization
  · HCI and HMI designs
  · Artificial Vision Technology applied to VR/AR
  · Computer Architecture for VR Systems


Image Processing

As part of my work at GPI-RV, I also worked on image processing and computer vision related systems:

  · Real-Time implementation
  · HCI and HMI image processing


Side Topics

There is a lot of side topics related to my main research lines which are important enough to be named here. Some of the most interesting are listed bellow:

 · Scripting Languages and Virtual Machines
 · Security: Network security, Code security (offuscation, reverse engineering)...
 · 3D Graphics: I am still thinking that current GUIs need a change

There are other areas of interest for me but I have no time to work on them:

 · Nonlinear systems and Chaos: I really think there is whole world out ther to be discovered
 · Digital Signal Processing: This is one of the main topics of my formation and
   I really like it. I'm mainly interested in emergent techniques as ANN, fuzzy logic and so on
 · AI and Alife: I must admit I knows almost nothing about this, but these are intriguish topics for me.
 · Robotics: Someday I will get a robot going around me :)

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