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Netkitty 1.7 RSO (The Really Small One)
Added: 6, May, 2009
I have removed the dependencies on libbluetooth from Netkitty and released the version 1.7-RSO.

The i386 version compiled with dietlibc is kist 9.8Kb!!! and still less than 500 LoC!!!

Netkitty 1.5 (Bug Fix Release)
Added: 23, April, 2009
Netkitty 1.5 has just be released. This is a bug fix release that for the shell mode. It also adds the -os flag for backups ala netcat.

Netkitty (formerly known as gemserver)
Added: 07, March, 2009
The former gemserver project has been improved these last years and renamed to Netkitty, as it can be see as a very reduced version of the incredible netcat.

New Versions of GNU/EDMA and PRISCILA
Added: 24, January, 2007
New version of GNU/EDMA is available from Savannah CVS. Also a new version of PRISCILA is available. This version requires GNU/EDMA 0.15.7-12 only available in CVS.

Two on-line demos of PRISCILA has been included.

Gemserver Updated and Next Priscila Release Preview
Added: 27, November, 2006
A new version of gemserver was added. Code was cleaned up and some minor bug fixes.

We are preparing the next version of Priscila and you can check the new features being included in this next release. You can check it here.

Simple Tools
Added: September, 2006
Added a section with simple tools what I find useful. For now, only two small programs are available. First one is a simplified version of netcat which supports multiple client and server connections simultaneously.

The sencond one is a simple UDP server which uses Festival speech synthetiser to make your computer speak.

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