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A real 3D presentation system

IMPORTANT NOTE:. Current version of GNU/EDMA (and therefore PRISCILA) does not work on 64bits platforms. We are working to solve this.  


The Priscila project was born as an example application for the GNU/EDMA project, able to show how simple and easy can be a GNU/EDMA program at the same time than performance is not seriously degraded. As a video worths a million words, check the video below to know what we are talking about.

PRISCILA is a simple SDL/OpenGL presentation application with keyboard-based WYSIWYG built-in editor... its aim is to provide a vi-like tool to write presentations. Current editor is still very rudimentary and several edition actions have to be done by editing text files.

Each presentation slide is a real 3D scene composed of several items. Special effects can be applied to modify item appearance, and actions can be added to modify items behavior. 3D objects, effects and actions are GNU/EDMA objects, providing automatically : Plug-in support, easy update, etc...

PRISCILA uses basic OpenGL. The graphical performance is not impressive, but it can work with minimal 3D support (for instance on netbooks with intel graphics cards).

Current PRISCILA version is Alpha. Use it at your own risk :). The basics works. You can add slides with text, images and simple 3D models, the main drawback is that adding animations is a manual operation at this moment. The good thing is that it is simple, light and does what most people use in their presentations.

I have used PRISCILA in a couple of real presentations, and I can say that with good acceptance :).


April 2010

Released version 0.4.1 suporting GNU/EDMA 0.18.x

January, 2007

Version 0.1.10 (release 10) of priscila includes the following improvements:

July, 2006

New version 0.1.10 of priscila includes the following improvements:

Features and Status

Every item in a Priscila slide is a generic 3D object supporting the following transformations: 3D translation, rotation and scanling as well as Color blending and tinting

Slides can contain the following slide items:

Each slide item and the slide itself can be associated to one or more FX. Currently available FX are: Built-in editor supports:


Below some screenshots of the example presentation included in the package distribution


Priscila 0.4.1 [tar.gz] 6.5Mb


You will also need 3D Hardware Acceleration to run this program

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Other presentation applications available for GNU/Linux:

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 · Jahshaka: Not a presentation app but a video editor, but very interesting.

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