October, 2003
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GNU/EDMA Type System
three typing levels  
  • GNU/EDMA is mainly targetted to C programming language, so its type system tries to follow C type system
  • In general, GNU/EDMA is as type safe/unsafe as C programming language is
  • GNU/EDMA has three typing level as happens on other uncoupled systems like CORBA
    • LEVEL1: Intra-Object typing depends on Used Programming Language
    • LEVEL2: Boundary typing deals with Programming Language Mapping
    • LEVEL3: Inter-Object typing GNU/EDMA internal typing rules
  • At this moment, there is no formal type system definition for GNU/EDMA

static typing  
  • It seems possible to ensure type-safety on GNU/EDMA mostly static applications.
    See Knielse works on Darwin/Lava
  • Doing that, will require:
    • A way to tag objects at compile-time
    • A pseudo-compiler which keeps track of object types and introduce restrictions

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