October, 2003
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What's GNU/EDMA?
it is a shared library  
    No complex infrastructure required

it provides OO programming facilities  
    Object-Oriented programming facilities becomes independent of the used programming language
    OOA and OOD becomes independent of choosen language
    OO techniques can be used even on NON-OO programming languages

it is a component model  
    Provides a simple component model to write componentized applications
    Brings real OO facilities to the component world (component inheritance is possible)

it is highly dynamic system  
    All the operations can be done at run-time
    Easy to fit real-world changing and evolvable models

it is light and simple  
    Small resources fingerprint
    Provides facilities similar to CORBA, COM or Java
    Programming API is simple and intuitive
    GNU/EDMA features can be adopted gradually. Makes easy port applications

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