October, 2003
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GNU/EDMA as a Component Model
component object model  
  • Only supported on MS-Windows plarforms (partial attempts on UNIX -Software AG- and Mac)
  • Very low-level. Conceptually simple but complex when used on a real platform
  • No real OO programming supported. Pseudo-inheritance through method forwarding which must be coded manually by the programmer
  • Interface-based API
  • Requires several layer to provide similar facilities to GNU/EDMA (typelibs from ActiveX, ATL/MFC)

other com-like architectures  
  • Most of then multiplatform (XPCOM, UNO, UCM, Bonobo...)
  • Most of then relies on CORBA in some way (IDL for example)
  • Interface-based API (IUnknown + IQueryInterface). Limits real OOP
  • Basically only used within the application they were designed for:
    • XPCOM -> Mozilla
    • UNO -> OpenOffice
    • UCM -> Qt/KDE
    • Bonoboo -> Gtk/GNOME

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