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GEMSERVER Successfully Histories

Testing GPRS Module

November, 2006

Some people at GPI-RV is developing some cool tech stuff which will use a GPRS module to allow communication of remote devices to a central server somewhere in the world.

After getting a SIM card to make the GPRS module work, we should try some server software in a machine with a valid Internet address. The only machine available was a bit old and limited machine which didn't have any software (i.e. netcat) to test the system. We try to copy a netcat binary to the server but there was some problem with libc versions (it is a really old machine).

So, we copy gemserver to the machine and executed the following commands:

$ make gemserver
cc gemserver.c -o gemserver
$ gemserver -server T:10000

After configuring our GPRS device, gemserver got our first text message from the GPRS device under tested. The key point is that gemserver is so simple that it can be compiled in any machine, even in very old and outdated computers.

Multiple Displays for VR-Simulation

September, 2006

As part of our works on VR and HCI at GPI-RV lab I was developing a simple optical tracking system for our VR systems (see previous links).

This system runs in its own machine capturing live video and processing it to extract tracking information from the users hands movements. Then, that data is sent through the network to other machine that performs the render and physical simulation.

In such a situation it will be useful to control several render applications from the optical tracking system so we can place different monitors at different places, and control all of them from an unique system.

To achieve this goal I used gemserver to distribute the optical tracking input data to several machines in the net. The optical tracking system was configured to send data to a local gemserver listening at port 8000. The render engine was executed in two machines awaiting data from port 10000.

The gemserver command used was:

$ gemserver -server T:8000 -client T: T:

It worked fine!

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