Occam's Razor Number 5
8, January, 2011

The latest issue of our magazine Occam's Razor has been released early this year. Do not miss it!

The contents:

 ·  Visualisation of 3D models. Just three lines of code with OpenScenegraph
 ·  The phantom program. Analysing the Morris worm
 ·  Open Hardware. The next revolution
 ·  The incredible shrinking program. Writing very small programs
 ·  Dive into Virtual Reality. First step for building your own dataglove

Yep, the magazine is actually in Spanish, but maybe you can learn if you find it interesting... don't you?

8, January, 2011

AGNES project page updated!

National Papers Broken Links
8, April, 2010

Seems that some links to my old national pubs are broken. If you are instereted in something and I have not yet fix them, just contact me.

News moving to Papermint Community Blog
11, March, 2010

I will stop updating this page with news, and start using the blog at Papermint Community. The pages will stay and the new versions of the projects will also be updates, but you will know about that through the blog.

Occam's Razor 4, ETechDays Community Lightning Talks and PRISCILA video
8, Sept, 2009

It is a pity, that I'm probably the latest one to talk about the latest release of our magazine Occam's Razor, but OK, here we go. It took a long time but finally we made it. A special issue about security. Hope you like it.

In the mean time we have also been busy with other stuff. We were invited to do a quick talk at ETechDays Community Lightning Talks about our picoFlamingo project. It was really good and we've got back a lot of helpful feedback for the project.

Last but not less, for this talk we produce a nice presentation using PRISCILA. This is maybe the most complete presentation ever made with PRISCILA so far. Check it out in the PRISCILA page.

picoFlamingo. Portable 3D Presentations System
10, Aug, 2009

As you can imagine from the entry title, picoFlamingo is Priscila's little brother. To make it portable we are using a BeagleBoard and a picoDLP projector. You can find all the details in the official page and the latest news in the picoFlamingo blog.

The project was registered in the BeagleBoard Sponsored Projects Program, and was awarded with an awesome OMAP3 based Zoom II MDP. We will keep working on this amazing project!!!

Netkitty 1.7 (RSO Release) and GNU/EDMA on FreeRunner
6, May, 2009

I have removed the dependencies on libbluetooth from Netkitty and released the version 1.7-RSO. RSO stands for Really Small One

The i386 version compiled with dietlibc is kist 9.8Kb!!! and still less than 500 LoC!!! (not to much now :). The OpenMoko version is a bit more (30Kb) as I have not yet managed to make dietlibc to work properly for ARM cross-compiling.

I would also say that the current GNU/EDMA version compiles like a charm in the OpenMoko, using the native compiler in phone. It also cross-compiles but I have not yet tested if it works :).

Netkitty 1.5 (Bug Fix)
23, April, 2009

Version 1.5 of NetKitty is available. There was a bug that prevents the shell mode to work properly. The -os was also added. This flags allows to stop the application after the last client disconnects (useful for backing up files).

Project Netkitty
19, April, 2009

The gemserver project has evolved a lot and now it has been renamed to NetKitty, as it can be considered a reduced version of Netcat and it is also really small (less than 40Kb static executable :).

There is also a small tutorial on how to use the tool and a version for the OpenMoko Freerunner open phone.

Stay tunned... soon, more news about this cute tool!

Occam's Razor 3 and other Updates
16, January, 2008

Number 3 of Occam's Razor, is available for downloading.

An special effort on the graphical design was taken for this number and we also tried to make the contents more general without leaving the technology world.

Enjoy it!

Occam's Razor 2 and other Updates
22, June, 2007

Number 2 of Occam's Razor, is available for downloading, with new and exciting contents. Don't miss the LaTeX source code of the whole magazine.

I have also updated VR Research with new VR links and some info about the latest project I worked on here in GPI-RV. Some screenshoots has been included. The software engineering section was also updated with my last work in progress on this topic. A new technical report, which is summarised this work, is available.

Finally, the papers published in ISIE07 have been added to the International Publications section.

Papers Accepted at ISIE'07
5, March, 2007

I got two papers accepted at ISIE07 (IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics) which will be held in Vigo from June 4 to 7, 2007. The full papers will be included soon, for now only their abstracts are available.

A new section about Image Processing and Computer Vision was added. You can check it here.

Occam's Razor and New Versions of Main Projects
24, January, 2007

We have released the first number of Occam's Razor a Spanish magazine about science and technology. It is a free publication and was built using LaTeX.

I have also released a new version (0.15 Release 12) of GNU/EDMA fixing some bugs. This version is only available on savannah cvs for now. PRISCILA version 0.10 Release 10 is also available and requires this last GNU/EDMA version.

Here you can found an on-line demo of the VR-Training Tool I'm working on. You can also see PRISCILA working in a couple demos. Click Here



Added On-Line Demos and gemserv updated
27, November, 2006
I have just discovered wink and added some on-line demos to the web so you can see in action some of the applications I talk about in this web.

Follow the links in the What's New side box to see them.

I've also added a new version of gemserver. Not to much to say, just a clean up of the code.

Website reworked. Now using CSS
15, November, 2006
The website was completely reworked to use CSS, so update will be more easy for me. Throughout this rework I added two new sections.

First one is related to my new Virtual Reality Research work. Second one, includes some simple tools I wrote some time ago and that I find useful enough to be shared.

I hope to add new sections soon, but this will depend on the spare time I got from now.

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