New Search Function
New Search Function
David "DeMO" Martínez Oliveira

Haven't written much lately, but it is time to come back to share experiences and findings. So I expect the blog to grow in the coming months and therefore a search function starts to become a need.
Actually, there is already a decent amount of posts in the blog and the current navigation makes very painful to find an old post . Moreover, I'm using the same blog platform pBlog for my side project ROOR (Revista Online Occam's Razor... and online technical magazine), that contains also a few tenths of posts.

So I decided to add (as a Beta release:) a search capability for the pBlog based sites. It is not perfect but work well enough to let me find old post, at least, when I know what I'm looking for.

This is it for now. Hope to start writing new content soon!

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