pBlog Updates
pBlog Updates
2017-01-24 | by David "DeMO" Martínez Oliveira

Haven't write for a while about pblog. Actually I haven't done many changes on it lately but there were some...
So, many of the changes you had probably already noticed. Maybe the most obvious was the use of Disqus for the comments. I'm still not fully convinced. I was almost ready with my own comment systems but spam was maybe the biggest problem to solve.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you have probably noticed that I can now post without a header image. Header images are really nice and give great visuals to the posts. But, sometimes, I have an idea to write, or even I have already written the post and it takes me a while to finally publish. Just because I cannot find a nice picture to use as header.

In a sense, that was a good thing. I'm pretty satisfied with the overall look of the posts. But it is also true that for some posts those images does not really add anything. So, let's see how does this new feature works. Hope it would help to get more content in the blog. I participate in other forums posting just test, and I have found that a lot easier.

Other than that, I haven't changed much for months and the thing is working pretty fine. I should do some improvements in the editing side but I can live with those little annoyances for the time being.

Fine!. I have just found a bug as I write this post :)

FIXED!. One less

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