BeagleBone Black

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NULLCape. How to Roll your own BeagleBone Capes (Part II)

In Part I ( we discussed how to attach an EEPROM to our cape. Now we will see how to fill the EEPROM with useful data.


We've already seen how to write data in our EEPROM (see Now, we need to know which data we have to write. That's easy, cape EEPROMs have to follow the format described in the System Reference Manual. Specifically in section 8.2.4 EEPROM Data Format.

WEL31. WeekEnd Links

Our link selection for week 31 to amuse your weekend!


This week the awesome SpriteMod_tm had impressed as booting a Linux Kernel in a Hard Drive microcontroller! (via HackaDay)

NULLCape. How to Roll your own BeagleBone Capes (Part I)

We want to learn how to build BegleBone capes and in this series of post we will be writing about our findings and how we built the NULLCape. You are right, that is the very minimum cape which actually does nothing.


Good question. Yes, sure you already now, but just in case you are really, really new to the BeagleBone or you've got yours as a present you had never ever hear of it.

A cape is just an expansion board for the BeagleBone. The BeagleBone provides two headers on its sides with lots of signals and interfaces, however you normally need something else to be able to attach your peripherals to this connectors. In the simpler case some wires and a platform to mechanically keep your peripheral and in the most complex case some support circuitry in order to do whatever you want to do.

WEL30: Weekend Links

Reading for the weekend... a bit late this time.


Aireal. Disney Haptic Device

WEL29. Weekend Links

The usual links to have fun during the weekend (BeableBone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino,...). I never manage to do anything with them, but maybe you can.


Have you ever thought about building your own phone?... I have and these are some links with interesting projects others had already made.

Via Hackaday an Arduino based phone

BeagleBone Black has arrived

The BeagleBone Black arrived a couple days ago. I haven't manage to do anything useful yet and, certainly, that will take some time. However I would like to share my first impression about this board... and a couple of pictures

BeagleBone Up and RunningBeagleBone Up and Running

BeagleBone Black on its way


Finally I decided to order a BeagleBone Black. I'm looking forward to try it and compare to the other boards I already have. Specially the Raspberry Pi because of the similar price tag. Looking at the specs, there are a lot of interesting features provided by this BBB not easily available on, for example, the Raspberry Pi, or an Arduino. Most of them have been there for a while on more expensive boards like BeagleBoard or Pandaboard but... Having access to this features on a so cheap device is exciting and opens wide the options to learn about technology.

These are the features I'm talking about:

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