Raspberry PI

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Raspberry Pi finally arrived. Some pictures

It took more than 5 month to get our Raspberry pi. It finally arrived this morning. Most of the enthusiasm was gone weeks ago, but anyhow we had to check the board. The initial plan is to port picoFlamingo (http://papermint-designs.com/picoflamingo) to work on the Rpi, but I do not think that anything will happen before Xmas break. Some stuff for PandaBoard needs to be finished first.

Anyhow, a couple of mandatory pictures for new devices.

Raspberry PI. Three more months to go...

Some time ago (actually around three weeks more or less) I expressed my interest on the Raspberry Pi and a couple of days ago I'd got an invitation to order, so the small board will arrive, hopefully, within the next 12 weeks... That's really a lot.

No special interest on the Raspberry beyond the low price profile for a modest/small GNU/Linux computer. I mean, there is nothing I cannot do with my BeagleBoard or PandaBoard that I could do with this raspberry but deploying them as Arduinos.

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