Virtual Reality

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WEL42. Weekend Links! CastAR, Security, Quantum Basket and railguns


castAR. A cool Augmented Reality project!. Funded at Kickstarter

Imaginary Reality Games. Quantum Basketball

FPGABee. A FPGA implementation of the Microbee home computer from the 80s

BeagleBoard based VRPN Nodes

VRPN is a great library to interface to a lot of input devices commonly used on Virtual Reality applications. From magnetic trackers to datagloves, the list of supported devices is quite long.

So, why do not use a BeagleBoard with a wifi interface as a VRPN server?. That could be very useful as the beagle is pretty small, has low power consumption (so it could run on batteries if needed) and enough CPU power to deal with most of the input devices supported by VRPN.

Next Generation picoFlamingo Interface

Hi there!

We proudly present the next generation interface for picoFlamingo (and other stuff that is coming, we'll talk about it soon); a homemade data glove to interact with 3D objects in your presentations using your fingers. This is how the prototype looks like.

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