OpenGL ES 2.0

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picoFlamingo 0.4.2RC2 (minor release)

This is a picoFlamingo minor intermediate release (the second release candidate). Source code is available from the project website:

This release includes some clean up but the main addition is preliminary support for Raspberry Pi, and preliminary means some imitations.

picoFlamingo on Pandaboard

We are still testing the latest picoFlamingo version on the different hardware platforms we have available in preparation for a forthcoming stable release. Yesterday we carried out a fresh Ubuntu 11.10 installation on our Pandaboard to check the detailed set of steps required to make picoFlamingo work on this device.

The "Making of" picoFlamingo. Chapter 1

Making of picoFlamingo. Chapter 01Hi there!

We announced this some time ago, and actually, the first draft was ready at some time in April, however it has been difficult to get time for reviewing it. It is far from being complete, and will need a couple of updates, but it is an start.

CP 1: Magic Frame

Let's first introduce CP.

CP stands for Cool Project... and what's that?. Well, we are having lots of ideas and not too much time so we are putting them here and, maybe, somebody else will implement them sooner than us, or maybe they have already been implemented and we are not aware of that. In the next weeks we will be telling you about these CPs and hopefully some of you will bring them to live or will warn us about something already done.

Let's go for this Magic Frame CP!

OSG and picoFlamingo Runing in the OMAP Zoom2


Finally we've some time to start working with the OMAP Zoom 2 and you can check the results in this video.

OpenGL ES 2.0 support on latest Android NDK r3

Hi There!

After seeing the entry in news feed about a new release of the Android NDK, I checked the link, and my eyes got caught into the section OpenGL 2.0 Support.

OSG 2.9.6 binaries for BeagleBoard Available for Download


Some people have asked about our experiments with OpenScenegraph on the BeagleBoard so we have uploaded what we have done so far to our web. You will find two download blocks; Just to Try and Or to play..... Keep reading to know what is there.

OpenSceneGraph 2.9.6 on the BeagleBoard

Hi there!

Yes, OSG 2.9.6 includes OpenGL ES support and therefore support for OMAP based devices as the BeagleBoard. So we decided to try it, and that is what we achieved.

picoFlamingo Test 3. Text and Image

Hi There!

A new picoFlamingo demo is out there. This time running in our new BeagleBoard Rev C3, donated by as part of their Sponsored Projects Program.

picoFlamingo Spinning Cubes with Per-Fragment Lighting

Hi there!

Our second video is here. We have made some progress with our OpenGL ES 2.0 render engine and prepared this new demo.

OpenGL ES 2.0. Hello Triangle+Quad+Rotation+Color Blending


The picoFlamingo Team proudly presents its first BeagleBoard 3D graphics test. It doesn't look too much, but what we were trying to do was to produce the minimal set of dependencies to produce an OpenGL ES 2.0 application. First of all, a short video and then, let's go to the details.

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