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picoFlamingo Test 3. Text and Image

Hi There!

A new picoFlamingo demo is out there. This time running in our new BeagleBoard Rev C3, donated by BeagleBoard.org as part of their Sponsored Projects Program.

picoFlamingo Spinning Cubes with Per-Fragment Lighting

Hi there!

Our second video is here. We have made some progress with our OpenGL ES 2.0 render engine and prepared this new demo.

picoFlamingo's got Website!

An initial website for the picoFlamingo project has just been released. This substitutes our really nice (but quite usefulness) entry page :).


We have just started the picoFlamingo, a portable presentation system for the BeagleBoard and the picoDLP projector.

The project web site is being finished these days and we hope to have it up and running very soon. Any news about the project can be followed through this blog.


The picoFlamingo Team

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