Occam's Razor

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Occam's Razor 6 Available for Download


Finally a new and interesting issue of the Technical and Scientific Magazine Occam's Razor is available for download. In this issue we can find two special papers related to Space; one about SMOS (all the ESA mission details) and another one SPICE (an interesting SW developed by NASA).

This issue also features our paper about Augmented Reality that inspired Ex-nihilo Augmented Reality Tangible Interface, featured in Hack a Day during Xmas break.

Ex-nihilo Augmented Reality Tangible Interface

Ex-nihilo is a Latin phrase that means "out of nothing". The idea comes from the "Impromptu Sound Board", but instead of using a Kinect why not use just ARToolkit and draw yourself the markers?. Check this video.

BeagleBoard and Pandaboard in Occams's Razor 5

If you speak Spanish, or you can live with automatic translations, take a look to this open magazine, Occam's Razor. The lastest number includes an article about Open Hardware, featuring BeagleBoard and PandaBoard projects, and several other Open Hardware projects.

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