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picoFlamingo 0.4.2RC2 (minor release)

This is a picoFlamingo minor intermediate release (the second release candidate). Source code is available from the project website:

This release includes some clean up but the main addition is preliminary support for Raspberry Pi, and preliminary means some imitations.

A couple of HDMI to VGA adapters (BeagleBoard, Pandaboard and Raspberry Pi)

Recently I acquired a couple of HDMI 2 VGA converters. I'm interested on interfacing my small boards to VGA devices and, as many of us already know, finding a working one is a trial and error process. So here are my results and I hope may be useful for somebody else.

I've got two different models (powered and unpowered) and tested them with my HDMI enabled boards (BeagleBoard, PandaBoard and Raspberry Pi). These are the links to the devices in case you are interested.

Raspberry Pi finally arrived. Some pictures

It took more than 5 month to get our Raspberry pi. It finally arrived this morning. Most of the enthusiasm was gone weeks ago, but anyhow we had to check the board. The initial plan is to port picoFlamingo ( to work on the Rpi, but I do not think that anything will happen before Xmas break. Some stuff for PandaBoard needs to be finished first.

Anyhow, a couple of mandatory pictures for new devices.

Pandaboard extra USB

Probably you already know that the Pandaboard provides two extra USB ports through connector J6 (pin 1 to 8). You probably also know about the nice article in the elinux wiki on how to easily use those ( extra ports. I found that article after soldering a female header on my Pandaboard expansion ports.

Playing with Pandaboard GPIO

Pandaboard GPIO detailAfter playing for a while with the Beagleboard ( Expansion Header now is time to explore the PandaBoard one ( I soldered a couple header sometime ago and finally I found half an hour to play with them.

Promoting your Business with picoFlamingo

One of the easiest ways to promote your business is to add a screen showing some relevant information on your windows or even inside your premises. For instance, showing some offer or the latest products in the shop, making customer easily aware of the news.

VelcroBox. One Case to Hold Them All


We had already tried to build some simple casing for our Beagles but it looks like we are not the most skilled guys out there so we come out with the idea to build something really easy to assemble and robust against "inaccurate cutting". The result is the VelcroBox.

It looks like this :

VelcroBox Finished with PandaBoard side panel configurationVelcroBox Finished with PandaBoard side panel configuration

picoFlamingo on Pandaboard

We are still testing the latest picoFlamingo version on the different hardware platforms we have available in preparation for a forthcoming stable release. Yesterday we carried out a fresh Ubuntu 11.10 installation on our Pandaboard to check the detailed set of steps required to make picoFlamingo work on this device.

BeagleBoard and Pandaboard in Occams's Razor 5

If you speak Spanish, or you can live with automatic translations, take a look to this open magazine, Occam's Razor. The lastest number includes an article about Open Hardware, featuring BeagleBoard and PandaBoard projects, and several other Open Hardware projects.

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