picoFlamingo 0.4.2 Release Candidate 1


We have been working on small improvements on picoFlamingo during the last months. It is not completely ready yet but we think that these updates have to be released. This is a brief summary of what is new in this picoFlamingo release:

- It now builds using autotools
- Basic Texture Manager
- Build-in network capabilities (TCP and BT). NetKitty is no longer needed to run picoFlamingo
- Added slide items groups. Now several items can be grouped together and manipulated at once
- Added special events to image items for easy button implementation (CLICK, ENTER, LEAVE)
- Several minor bug fixes

Fiono 330. Fixing noisy fan

The Fiono 330 fan is quite loud even when it works OK, but some weeks ago mine started to make really a lot of noise. After having quite some problems with this little one (it stop booting some time ago, then the hard drive broke down...) the warranty expired so I took a look inside.

Occam's Razor 6 Available for Download


Finally a new and interesting issue of the Technical and Scientific Magazine Occam's Razor is available for download. In this issue we can find two special papers related to Space; one about SMOS (all the ESA mission details) and another one SPICE (an interesting SW developed by NASA).

This issue also features our paper about Augmented Reality that inspired Ex-nihilo Augmented Reality Tangible Interface, featured in Hack a Day during Xmas break.

Ex-nihilo Augmented Reality Tangible Interface

Ex-nihilo is a Latin phrase that means "out of nothing". The idea comes from the "Impromptu Sound Board", but instead of using a Kinect why not use just ARToolkit and draw yourself the markers?. Check this video.

New Photos!. Pandaboard, Teensy and TI LaunchPad


It is again that time of the year you spend money!. We had finally bought a PandaBoard and some microcontroller stuff with the hope to materialise some projects in the near future.

Check this image gallery for the microcontrollers and for the Pandaboard. Do not miss the Pandaboard anaglyphs. If you want the side by side version (JPS) just let us know.

How to write stereo applications for LG Optimus 3D. Trying the Real3D SDK

Hi There!

I've finally played a little bit with my Optimus 3D phone. Actually I had played one month ago, but I haven't had time to write about this till now. For the time being I had just installed the SDK, run the samples and taken a quick look at the code.

Produccing 2D images for LG Optimus 3D

As you can imagine, if you get an stereo camera you start to shot stereo photos. Then you have to share them with some other people and you realise that those side by side jpegs (.jps format) does not look that nice in a normal laptop.

So I wrote a very simple program named sbs_proc (Side By Side Processor). The program accepts a single option and them a bunch of files to convert. The current available options are:

Slowly progressing picoFlamingo

We are not making too many releases or updating this blog very often, but picoFlamingo keeps going on, under the hood. Some brief notes on what has been recently added and will be available soon with the release of picoFlamingo 0.4.2.

  • Several bug fixes, mainly related with the static text component
  • Moved to autotools. Still some work required with configure.ac and we still need to add the example applications, but the main stuff is already there

OMAP4 in my pocket. LG Optimus3D Speed has arrived


Our LG Optimus3D Speed has finally arrived!. Autostereoscopic screen, stereo camera and a powerful OMAP4 1GHz dual core processor... that's a lot more than our PhotoMint concept :).

Multi language voice commanding and Interactive Slides


A little bit more voice commanding with picoFlamingo, this time using CMU PocketSphinx and featuring multi-language support, that is, dynamically switching between different language at run-time. This feature makes picoFlamingo the first presentation solution for international organisations as UN or EU... just kidding :). A video demonstration after the break

picoFlamingo Source Code for Download


picoFlamingo "The Cracking Egg" source code is available for download!. A new version of the user manual is also available as well as our current Android Remote Control work in progress. Now you can try it on your preferred device. For the time being we have seen it running OK on Beagle, OMAP ZoomII and OMAP4 Blaze!

Press HERE to download them, or visit:

Control picoFlamingo (and other stuff) from your Android Phone

Yes, thanks to NetKitty and the S2 Bluetooth Terminal, I can send commands to picoFlamingo directly from my G1 phone. In principle the BT Chat example available from the Android SDK should also work, but, at this point, I'm stuck with Android 1.5 on my G1 and the RFComm Bluetooth sockets are not available on that version.

Capturing Model Semantics with Dynamic Aspects

A couple of week ago I found an article about the Liskov Substitution Principle and the unavoidable reference to the circle/ellipse or square/rectangle problem.

I looked to the different solutions in the wikipedia page and I though than that was actually one of the "semantic problems" computers does not face very well. So I spend sometime thinking about this and my conclusion was that the solution will depend on the intended use of the classes in a given application or model.

Then I'd got the idea of using AOP and dynamic inheritance to implement the semantics for a given application as an orthogonal feature, keeping the class hierarchy as isolated as possible. In other words, to extend a given model with aspects that encapsulates the semantics behind it.

So, I tried to implement this idea using GNU/EDMA

Open Source Hardware Logo

Hi everybody!

The Open Hardware Summit want a logo for Open Hardware to be attached to the definition. Of course we love to participate, so these are our proposals:

New cover and content for Occam's Razor magazine

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time since my last entry. We did some stuff in the way hoping it comes soon the result...

Going to the point, as the title says, we have collaborated in another issue of OR the Techie Spanish magazine. This is issue 5 so congratulations from here!

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