picoFlamingo "Cracking Egg" Preview

Check this video showing the new main features included in the next picoFlamingo version, "The Cracking Egg". What you see on that video is a work in progress version and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Keep reading for the details...

The main new features are:

  • On-slide animations, not just during transitions.
  • 3D models as slide elements... finally.
  • Live video also as slide elements... Had you ever try to show some physical stuff to more than 20 people in a big room?.

Another new feature is the possibility to voice commanding your presentation. That is not demonstrated in this video, but if interested, take a look to this blog entry. There is a couple more features that will be included in "The Cracking Egg", but this video is already quite long.

Some comments about this The Cracking Egg preview video.

  • Still runs on PC platforms (using an OGLES emulator).
  • Now it can use X11 or framebuffer.
  • The video source was produced from a PC. The PC was running a simple program to grab frames from the webcam, compress them to jpeg format and broadcast it to any registered clients. We are still trying to get a webcam working on the beagleboard.

    The final idea is to integrate gstreamer. That way, we will be using the DSP and all the other great features from this platform.

  • The whole thing needs improvements. The on-slide animations had shown that we need to improve the rendering routines in the application.
  • The 3D model support is also very rudimentary. For instance, texturing is not supported.
  • CU
    The picoFlamingo Team