CP 1: Magic Frame

Let's first introduce CP.

CP stands for Cool Project... and what's that?. Well, we are having lots of ideas and not too much time so we are putting them here and, maybe, somebody else will implement them sooner than us, or maybe they have already been implemented and we are not aware of that. In the next weeks we will be telling you about these CPs and hopefully some of you will bring them to live or will warn us about something already done.

Let's go for this Magic Frame CP!

Probably you have already figured out what this project is about... yep, one of those cool moving picture frames that are shown all over the Harry Potter films.

You may be thinking... nowadays there are lots of those frames that can play movies and slide show pictures. That's true, but we can do it a lot better with a BeagleBoard (and way more expensive as well :).

What's different then?... ours will be really magic!. Almost according to Arthur C. Clarke.

This is where the magic comes from:

  • 1. Let's use some OpenGL ES shader to make the video look a bit more ghost-like.
  • 2. Add speech recognition so you can control your frame with your voice. Actually, you will control it with spells.
  • 3. Add a webcam so you can include your own movies in the frame, just casting an spell!
  • 4. Use the webcam to detect a magic wand. Using a LED in the wand will make easier the detection of the movements and also may be used to activate the speech recognition so the frame do not react to background conversations in the room.

What do you think?... that's actually a kind of Magic. Isn't? :)