OpenGL ES 2.0 support on latest Android NDK r3

Hi There!

After seeing the entry in news feed about a new release of the Android NDK, I checked the link, and my eyes got caught into the section OpenGL 2.0 Support.

I didn´t consider Android, so far because I hate Java... well, hate is maybe too much, but I do not like the language. However, the availability of a NDK makes us thinking about a picoFlamingo version for Android (or almost a nice remote control for Android phones :). The NDK approach will not allow us to get completely rid of Java, but taking a quick look to the hello-gl2 example, it looks good enough.

However, that has to wait for a while. Right now I have to work on a stable release for GNU/EDMA, before going on with the picoFlamingo project (and something new that we are still defining). In any case, I will be sure that GNU/EDMA works on the BeagleBoard and on the Omap Zoom2. After all, the new picoFlamingo version will use GNU/EDMA... I hope

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