OMAP Zoom2 is Finally back

OMAP Zoom II aloneHi there!
Finally, it is back!!. According to the included RMA Analysis Report, the cause of the problem was this:

"Initially, LABII unit would not boot to Android. Failure traced to shorting on main PC assembly, Caused by uncleaned flux from the original manufacture. The main PC board could not be repaired, so it was replaced. With the new main PC assembly installed the LABII kit passed all tests."

This time seems it is working!. Almost this time we could boot our old images and no more crashes and several days blocking. Here a couple of screenshoots.

Omap Zoom2 running AndroidOmap Zoom2 running Android

Yes, it is a quite old Android image...

Omap Zoom2 running AngstromOmap Zoom2 running Angstrom

Now we have to configure the thing... mainly the 3D graphics and the wifi. Hope this time everything will go OK and we can see soon "The Pink Egg" running on the OMAP and also other ideas that has been around for a while!

The picoFlamingo Team