OSG 2.9.6 binaries for BeagleBoard Available for Download


Some people have asked about our experiments with OpenScenegraph on the BeagleBoard so we have uploaded what we have done so far to our web. You will find two download blocks; Just to Try and Or to play..... Keep reading to know what is there.

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Just to Try

This block provides the pre-compiled binaries for the BeagleBoard, so you can just try it. There are two files to download. The first one contains the OSG binary files, and the other one is a simple test.

Download the files and untar them in /home/root. Then you have to set two environmental variables.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/root/osg/lib
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/root/osg/bin

If your BeagleBoard 3D configuration is OK, you are done. Just try osgviewer with some simple model like the axis.osg.

OSG beagleOSG beagle

The second package, as we said, is a simple test application. Basically, it is a mini model viewer that spins the model automatically. We wrote that program so you can perform a nice demo, even if no keyboard or mouse is connected to the BeagleBoard.

Or to Play

If you want to play with OpenScenegraph in your BeagleBoard, then you need the other set of files. The first one is the cmake build tool. It is not available on Angstrom, the distribution we used, so we had to compile it. If you are using another distribution, maybe you are lucky and there is a package for this tool.

The second package contains the OSG 2.9.6 sources with our modifications (actually you get the .o files so maybe your build will be faster). If you need to change some configuration parameter, you can use ccmake provided by the previous package (it needs ncurses). Just move to the OSG source directory and type:

ccmake .

We basically just modify the file osgUtil/ShaderGen.cpp so that is a good place to start playing

If you are going to play with this be aware of:

  • We didn't manage to cross-compile using cmake. We are pretty sure is should be possible, but our couple of tries didn't work
  • Compiling C++ code in the beagle takes ages...
  • We tried this version of OSG in our PC with the GLES emulator available out there. It worked pretty well, but when tried on the BeagleBoard a lot of issues appear

And remember, OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL is your friend:


Kinda working version

If you just want to try or you do want to play, do not expect a full featured OSG version. We just tweak the sources very quickly to get something in the screen for comparison purposes. That means, that you will probably do better than us.

It is a pity that our OMAP ZoomII is not yet back. It would be really nice to show models in its shiny screen and spin them with our fingers... let's continue waiting for the prize.


The picoFlamingo Team