Next Generation picoFlamingo Interface

Hi there!

We proudly present the next generation interface for picoFlamingo (and other stuff that is coming, we'll talk about it soon); a homemade data glove to interact with 3D objects in your presentations using your fingers. This is how the prototype looks like.

The data glove uses two Resistive Flex/Bend sensors and an Arduino for data acquisition. For now we are using the Arduino's Serial/USB interface to get the data, but the idea is to use the BeagleBoard expansion connector for that. Actually the idea was to use the OMAP Zoom2 accelerometers for that, but we are still waiting for it... looks like it was really broken :(.

We decide to use the sensors as analog inputs, but it is very easy to change the behavior to simulate a couple of buttons to go forward and backward in the presentation just moving one of your fingers.

As you can see, at the current prototyping stage we are using a laptop, but a new video with a proper glove (we will have to sew :) and the real Beagle will come soon :)... maybe a completely wireless version using an Arduino BT... and a cool application we have in mind.

The picoFlamingo Team


wireless interfaces

A similar idea:
It's our Bluetooth glove based on 5 bends sensors and 1 3D accelerometer.

micrel lab

Really nice

Do you have some more information about your glove?... It looks really nice.

By the way... sorry about this big delay in approving the comment.