ETechDays Community Lightning Talks Feedback

Hi There!

Busy days again, and not too much time to update the blog.

First of all we will like to say that we really enjoyed the Community Talks last Thursday, but we missed some of them, so we are looking forward to get the recordings!

Second, we would like to thank to all the people that provide us with feedback in the questions round for our talk. We really appreciate that and that is the reason we wait so long to write this entry... we were thinking about all these comments.

Here are the main topics and what we would do.

  • Direct support to existing presentations formats (i.e powerpoint, ooffice).
  • Direct support to industrial CAD file formats
  • Java Support
  • We are aware that they are what potential users of picoFlamingo would like. These features are what will make the picoFlamingo key points (portability and 3D) be really useful.

    For these reasons we made some thoughts about them.

  • We took a quick look to the XML format produced by OpenOffice. At first glance it looks like feasible to provide such a support. Direct support for this format is overwhelming at this point, so the initial approach will be to produce an external tool
    to convert from this file format to the current picoFlamingo Presentation File Format.
  • Regarding the CAD tools, we would follow the same approach, that is, relying on external tools to convert from CAD formats to 3DS and maybe other formats in future. The rational behind this is that processing CAD models is not trivial as, usually, they provides the geometric information parametrically. That means that a lot of code
    to convert these parametric primitives into vertex (what OpenGL ES understand), and that is beyond our possibilities. There is a complete industry only on this out there. Additionally, most of these CAD tools can export data to 3DS or some other format that can be converted to 3DS using an additional tool (blender for instance).
  • For the Flash thin, we are still think on that. We think that there will be a change soon. In the latest years flash has been moving to 3D with systems like papervision, but their approach is completely different, and a bit more thinking on that is required. However, adding a database interface is not so difficult :).
  • Summing up. It was a really useful event for us, and we really many thanks to all of your for this support: jkridner, ds2, bobkatzz

    The picoFlamingo Team