Alternative Presentation for ETechDays Community Lightning Talks


As you probably know, we are going to give a brief talk about the picoFlamingo for the "ETechDays Community Lightning Talks" on Thursday 27.

For that we prepared a ppt presentation, but, to let you know what is going on with the project, we made a version of that presentation using our PRISCILA tool (the picoFlamingo's big sister). Here it is:

As you can imagine, the built-in editor doesn't make too much sense for a portable system like picoFlamingo, but the in-slide animations and the 3D models will be present in the next version of our little friend.

The idea is to make the PRISCILA and picoFlamingo presentation file format the same, so you can edit the presentation with PRISCILA and show it anywhere with picoFlamingo!

Of course, many thanks to the Blender Team for that incredible tool and the Suzanne model we used in this video.


The picoFlamingo Team