Download the picoFlamingo "Pink Egg"!

Hi There!

As promised some time ago, here is the first picoFlamingo release (codename "The Pink Egg"). All the files you need to run "The Pink Egg" in your BeagleBoard can be downloaded from here:

This is an alpha release so you will probably find bugs or errors in the application. We'd really appreciate to get any feedback in our forum:

Look for the user manual in the download page to learn how to install and run the system. And, finally, start creating your own presentations.

The picoFlamingo Team


"The Pink Egg" in your PC without Beagle and picoDLP

Yesterday we forgot to include the PC (x86) version in "The Pink Egg" package available in our web.

We have just updated it and now you can test "The Pink Egg" in your PC as far as you have an OpenGL ES emulator that supports your graphic card. We have tested the application against the Imagination Technologies SDK, and a decent nVidia card. At this moment we are not aware of any other alternative.

Yes, you can try picoFlamingo even if you do not have a picoDLP (you can use a normal screen attached to your BeagleBoard) or even if you do not have a Beagleboard!

Just check the images below:

picoFlamingo Running in a x86 LinuxBoxpicoFlamingo Running in a x86 LinuxBox

You can even run the extended remote control application on your PC (or use any other linux based device as an OpenMoko FreeRunner).

picoFlamingo + Remote Control on x86 PCpicoFlamingo + Remote Control on x86 PC

Do not forget to update variables in the to make them point to the place you installed your libraries. Actually you have to point to and provided by the SDK.