picoFlamingo 0.4.2RC2 (minor release)

This is a picoFlamingo minor intermediate release (the second release candidate). Source code is available from the project website:


This release includes some clean up but the main addition is preliminary support for Raspberry Pi, and preliminary means some imitations.

  • Poor performance on animation. Static slides are OK but animation of slide items is not acceptable. Latest version of picoFlamingo was not performed very well on BeagleBoard either, what suggest some optimisations are required. Lately most of the working was done on the Pandaboard which provides enough computational power
  • 3D models not rendered on Raspberry Pi. This is under investigation. Until know the 3D models worked OK on BeagleBoard, Pandaboard and PC (using mesa -with some minor issues-, the SGX emulator and the Mali emulator). That same code shows nothing on the Raspberry

We will be bringing back to the official package the small supporting tools we had been developed around picoFlamingo. As previous release candidate this is just the very minimum package.

As usual you can download the source code from:


The picoFlamingo Team