The advent of the "Pink Egg"


After an incubation period, the "Pink Egg" has arrived. It looks like something is growing inside :).

Actually we have been very busy with our real life works and didn't have time to update the blog for a while. In any case we've got an egg... a pink one!

After these months of work, we are about to release a first alpha version of picoFlamingo (codename "Pink Egg"). This version, as you can see in the video, is functional; you can use it in real world!.

Our first goal has been achieved as we have got a simple 3D portable presentation system. We are still working on improving the features of the system and as an example of what is coming, check the last part of the video :).

Our next step is to build a prototype (but everything inside a box) and configure the system as a massive storage device for easy transfer of data.

Other of the goal we have achieved so far is that we are having a lot of fun with this project.

That's it. We hope to deliver this first version of the system very soon. Stay tuned!!!

The proud picoFlamingo Team