Raspberry PI. Three more months to go...

Some time ago (actually around three weeks more or less) I expressed my interest on the Raspberry Pi and a couple of days ago I'd got an invitation to order, so the small board will arrive, hopefully, within the next 12 weeks... That's really a lot.

No special interest on the Raspberry beyond the low price profile for a modest/small GNU/Linux computer. I mean, there is nothing I cannot do with my BeagleBoard or PandaBoard that I could do with this raspberry but deploying them as Arduinos.

The Ethernet will be useful, but the USB OTG on the Beagle was more interesting for me as it can be used for networking as well as for a lot more other things.

In principle picoFlamingo should work without major problems on the Raspberry, at least under X-Windows. Seems that a kind of console mode is also supported. That will require adding a new target to the picoFlamingo build system (in addition to the console and X11 we already have). That's my initial conclusion after quickly going through the examples from this project


It also looks like all our latest hardware research will also be used with this little one. I2C, serial and GPIOs are already there as 3.3V signals instead of the 1.8V ones on the BeagleBoard and Pandaboard. Our SparkFun level shifter will work fine with them.

Anyhow it is always nice to have access to an additional platform to improve the portability of picoFlamingo. Looking forward to compare performance between OMAP and this Broadcom SoC.

The picoFlamingo Team