Trying picoFlamingo on BeagleBoard C3 with Ubuntu

Actually, the idea was to reinstall Angstrom and set up a working development system on my old BeagleBoard C3. However after several hours fighting the installation and the documentation I just gave up and I tried Ubuntu. Not sure what was the problem, probably I did something wrong, but as a matter of fact I waste several hours with no result.

Installation of Ubuntu was flawless just following the instructions on the elinux wiki page ( The only issue was the fix of a documented SGX bug with the latest kernel. This is solved (as stated in the page) falling back to kernel 3.0.8. A handy script is provided, but in my case the uEnv.txt was using the zImage file instead of the uImage installed by the script, effectively booting into a newer kernel on each reboot. A simple modification of uEnv.txt to use the older kernel and associated ramdisk solved the problem.

After that I just copied the "Include" directory from the SGX SDK to /usr/local/include, installed the picoFlamingo dependencies development packages (libx11, libfreetype and libjpeg62) and then just recompile picoFlamingo.

Also tried an UVC camera. It also worked out of the box. In general, performance is worst than I remember. Not sure if that is an Ubuntu vs Angstrom issue or it is just because picoFlamingo has grown too much since last time I tried it on the Beagle. Hope to have some time to look into this. In the meantime I can work again with my old C3, and what is even better, now I have the same development environment in my PC, in my PandaBoard and now in my Beagle.