VelcroBox. One Case to Hold Them All


We had already tried to build some simple casing for our Beagles but it looks like we are not the most skilled guys out there so we come out with the idea to build something really easy to assemble and robust against "inaccurate cutting". The result is the VelcroBox.

It looks like this :

VelcroBox Finished with PandaBoard side panel configurationVelcroBox Finished with PandaBoard side panel configuration

Yep, it is a simple wood box made out of 6 pieces attached with velcro. It is simple, and it does not matter too much if some sides of the pieces are not perfectly straight :). These are the guts of this little thingy.

VelcroBox Early Assembly StageVelcroBox Early Assembly Stage

In principle it should be OK to clue the velcro but we didn't have a proper glue around so we opted for stapling the velcro into the wood. It worked OK. The good thing about using velcro is that it is very easy to open it and to interchange panels for different applications and board. Moreover, it kindof works like a hinge.

VelcroBox OpenVelcroBox Open

As you can see, we have cut one of the panels to fit the layout of the PandaBoard. Another one is coming to fit the BeagleBoard but we run out of velcro when building this first prototype.

VelcroBox. PandaBoard Connector PanelVelcroBox. PandaBoard Connector Panel

This image makes clear what we meant above by not very skilled :). The idea for the VelcroBox is to set a kindof velcro matrix in the bottom panel, so we can just screw each different board to a piece of "something", put a couple of velcro pieces underneath and fix it into the box. Unfortunately, as we said, we run out of velcro and we attached our PandaBoard directly to the bottom panel. Note that PandaBoard need M3 screws not M4 as the BeagleBoard. The holes in the PCB are slightly smaller.

VelcroBox holding a PandaBoardVelcroBox holding a PandaBoard

An this is the thing fully connected.

VelcroBox with PandaBoard side panel configuration fully connectedVelcroBox with PandaBoard side panel configuration fully connected

We only made holes for the main connectors. Note that if you need to use the serial port you can just remove the side panel, use the connector and put back the panel when you are done... same for the SD Card. Now we need a little bit more velcro to build a better version including the connector panels also for our BeagleBoard and a nice logo on the top :)

We have to say that we have not yet tried the PandaBoard on the box. It is well-known that the Panda gets quite hot when working so we will probably include some holes on the top. Anyway an initial mistake on how thick the velcro was, featured quite nice ventilation slots to the box :)

If you wonder how big is it, it is almost the same size (slightly bigger) that the original PandaBoard box.

VelcroBox vs Orignal PandaBoard BoxVelcroBox vs Orignal PandaBoard Box

It could be made smaller, specially on height, but, for our purposes, it will be nice to have some room on the top for adding some switches, and Arduino, and LCD, an USB hub... we do not know yet.

The picoFlamingo Team