Fiono 330. Fixing noisy fan

The Fiono 330 fan is quite loud even when it works OK, but some weeks ago mine started to make really a lot of noise. After having quite some problems with this little one (it stop booting some time ago, then the hard drive broke down...) the warranty expired so I took a look inside.

The horrible sound came from the fan, so I decided to try to put some oil on it to see if that would fix it. I've done this more or less one month ago and the Fiono is still as loud as usual but it is no longer producing that uncomfortable sound.

In case you are interested, here is what I did.

The Fiono has a nice metallic box fitted using hexagonal screws. I think an Allen key should work but I used a hobbyist screw drivers with several different interchangeable heads. This is it hexagonal head I used.

After removing the upper panel of the box you can just see the fan.

It is hold by four screws that goes into the processor heat radiator slots. The screws are slightly bigger than the slots in the radiator and that seems to work OK. However it looks like removing the fan more than a couple of times is not a good idea.

Fiono 330 FanFiono 330 Fan

Once the fan is unscrew I accessed the bottom of it, the side looking "down". There is a sticker there you need to remove.

I used a hobbyist knife to first separate one of the sticker sides. Then the sticker can be removed easily just pulling it with your fingers.

And there it is, the access to the fan were I put the oil. I use a little bit of the oil you use for your skate wheels. A very little was enough.

After that just undo all the steps, put the sticker back in the fan, screw it to the radiator, put back the top panel and you are done.