Ex-nihilo Augmented Reality Tangible Interface

Ex-nihilo is a Latin phrase that means "out of nothing". The idea comes from the "Impromptu Sound Board", but instead of using a Kinect why not use just ARToolkit and draw yourself the markers?. Check this video.

This simple demonstration came out as an example for an introductory paper on augmented reality we are writing for the issue 6 of Occam's Razor.

So we implemented this simple Proof Of Concept on how to build a tangible interface out of nothing to provide basic control of a media player (actually mplayer on slave mode). Without going deeper on philosophical implications about what is nothing, we believe that a piece of paper and a pen is almost nothing when talking about building a tangible user interface. Yes, there is also a webcam but those peripherals are nowadays all around.

Starting with this simple concept it seems feasible to set up an interface builder just drawing a couple of markers and adding a little bit of image processing.

Let's see.

The picoFlamingo Team