Slowly progressing picoFlamingo

We are not making too many releases or updating this blog very often, but picoFlamingo keeps going on, under the hood. Some brief notes on what has been recently added and will be available soon with the release of picoFlamingo 0.4.2.

  • Several bug fixes, mainly related with the static text component
  • Moved to autotools. Still some work required with and we still need to add the example applications, but the main stuff is already there
  • A basic texture manager has been included. Now picoFlamingo can reuse the images already in memory without reloading them again and produce an identical texture :\
  • A Group element has been incorporated. Now you can group different picoFlamingo items together and manage them as a whole using the group name.
  • Added the CLICKABLE property, only to images for the time being. Now, picoFlamingo can emit events when a pointer is over and image as well as when a pointer enters or leave a clickable image. That will make easier building interfaces using picoFlamingo.

Most of these features are internal so a new video or screenshot will not show anything new. With the new release we will also introduce a couple of real-world applications beyond simple presentations, that will show the new interactive capabilities of the system. Some have already been introduced here, but there is a lot more that can be done with picoFlamingo.

Our intention is, for the next release, to have a complete package that we can made available through some software management site out there so people can have access to the development version in between stable releases. Probably we will try GNU Savannah, but any suggestion will be welcomed.

More updates coming soon

The picoFlamingo Team