picoFlamingo Spinning Cubes with Per-Fragment Lighting

Hi there!

Our second video is here. We have made some progress with our OpenGL ES 2.0 render engine and prepared this new demo.

As you can see, we have added a perspective transformation, and a per-fragment shader for lighting the cubes. In the video you can also see the application running in a i386 laptop at a higher resolution... Yes, when connecting the picoFlamingo to a DVI display you will be able to run your presentation at full resolution!!!

Some remarks about this demo. The first one is that, both applications runs at the same speed.

The second one is that, in our first test, we forgot to ask for a Depth Buffer size in the EGL configuration. In the host computer the demo looked OK, but when we tried it in the BeagleBoard we got some depth artifacts.

That's it. We're now working in the next video that will show the first picoFlamingo capabilities in action... Hopefully...


The picoFlamingo Team