picoFlamingo Source Code for Download


picoFlamingo "The Cracking Egg" source code is available for download!. A new version of the user manual is also available as well as our current Android Remote Control work in progress. Now you can try it on your preferred device. For the time being we have seen it running OK on Beagle, OMAP ZoomII and OMAP4 Blaze!

Press HERE to download them, or visit:

The main features on this release are:

  • Sequential slide navigation
  • Automatic (slide show) slide navigation
  • 3D slides. The slide components are placed in a 3D space
  • 3D models can be added to the slides (3DS format)
  • Live Video slide item
  • On-slide item animation in 3D space
  • Remote control of the system via Bluetooth (computer, OpenMoko, Android and Symbian S60)
  • Advanced remote control, providing user orientation control of 3D models in the slide
  • Voice commanding to control your presentation
  • Easily extensible with new slide components
  • Runs on any OpenGL ES 2.0 linux capable system: x86 (using MESA or proprietary GLES emulators), ARM (BeagleBoard, OMAP ZoomII, Blaze,...)
  • Frambuffer and X11 versions

Said that, yep!, it is pretty late (shame on me) but it has been really difficult to get some spare time lately to work on a proper release, so I decide to release picoFlamingo as it is now instead of waiting for, maybe another year?.

There are still a lot of things to do and properly implement. In my defense I have to say that most of the code was implemented at short intervals of one or two hours... enough time to try something and check if it works but not for a proper design and implementation process.

Even though, the system is functional and you can run pretty nice presentation on your laptop or on your OMAP device. Now THIS PRESENTATION can be executed with picoFlamingo (try the presentation under slides/pf2), and some other interesting stuff like dynamically updating slide items.

Source code of our pretty simple Photomint and Muviman are also include, as well as a basic voice commanding solution to navigate your slides.

Hope this might be useful for somebody. Any feedback is always welcomed.