Open Source Hardware Logo

Hi everybody!

The Open Hardware Summit want a logo for Open Hardware to be attached to the definition. Of course we love to participate, so these are our proposals:

We've chosen a circuit as representation of Hardware, despite the wide concept included in the definition, for two main reasons:

  • The word Hardware is normally used to refer to computers and electronic devices.
  • A implicit tribute to the origin of the OSWH movement.

As for the open-ness meaning we would like to give a clear idea at a first glance using a simple open lockpad for the first logo and the well known open source symbol for the other.

A version of the first concept was used on December 2010 in the article "Hardware abierto, la nueva revolución" included in the issue 5 of the techie magazine Occam's Razor (CC-BY License).

Finally, we have tried the logos on a beagleboard and on an arduino and so far we are pretty happy with the result. Hope they like it too : )