Wendy alpha relase


Our current simple-alpha-version of Wendy is available for download!. Wendy is a simple SDL application used to prototype our Pervasive Widgets (AKA Hermits).

You can download the source code from here. You will need the SDL, SDL_image and SDL_ttf development packages to compile it..

Here is the README for this version 0.1. It has been tried (not really tested) on x86 linux (Ubuntu), BeagleBoard, OMAP Zoom2 and Openmoko Freerunner :)

Wendy is a simple widget container providing very basic window support. It exposes a network interface (TCP port 7000) to create/destroy windows as well as to add images and text to them.

Wendy also detects user activity. Each time that is detected Wendy try to run an script called 'back.sh' in the working directory. This behavior can be disabled using the command-line flag '--no-agnes'

This is a list of the supported commands:

new id img
Creates a new window with name 'id' using the image 'img' as background

Example: new about win-about.png

del id
Deletes the window with name 'id'

Example: del about

clear id
Clears the window with name 'id'. Basically restores the image provided as background when the window was created.

Example: clear about

pos id x y
Set the window with name 'id' at position (x, y)

Example: pos about 100 100

get_pos id
Returns the position of window with name 'id'

Example: get_pos about

Returns: get_pos about 100 100

color r g b
Set the default text color to color (r,g,b)

Example: color 255 0 0

font n
Set the default font to font number n

Example: font 1
Note: In this version fonts are hard-coded in the application. Sorry about that

txt id x y txt
Adds text 'txt' to window with name 'id' at position (x,y)
Position is relative within the window
Text is rendered using the default color and font

Example: txt about 10 10 This is about...

img id x y img
Add image 'img' to window with name 'id' at position (x,y)
Position is relative within the window

Example: img about 10 10 check.png