MUVIMAN a PhotoMint Deviation

MUVIMAN is a simple PhotoMint deviation. MUVIMAN extends the idea of real-time image sharing to real-time video sharing. Based on picoFlamingo this system allows to watch different real-time video streams and zoom into any of them.

MUVIMAN is aimed to support security guards on museums or offices allowing them to check in advance nearby video sources to increase their situation awareness.

We prepared a very simple concept demonstration and put it on a video.

The video shows a simple modification of our previous PhotoMint demonstration. Actually it is the same slide but using a different updater.

In the video you can see three different cameras feeding video to an OMAP Zoom2. It works the same in the Beagle, but the Zoom2 is more handy because of the nice screen. Two of the cameras are connected to the same PC and the third camera is connected to another different computer.

The simple video streamer we built for the Cracking Egg presentation makes those video streams available through a TCP connection. The MUVIMAN updater just takes the mouse events from picoFlamingo and sends appropriated command back to connect the image objects with the right video source.

As we had already commented when talking about PhotoMint, the performance is really poor at this stage, however, the general idea looks interesting to us.


The picoFlamingo Team