PhotoMint First Tests

photoMintHi there,

Yesterday we announced our new project: PhotoMint. We think this is a nice project specially suited for our OMAP ZoomII and a interesting way to get us into the OMAP DSP world that we have not tried yet.

We have just prepared a first demonstration for PhotoMint, our new project. Using picoFlamingo we manage to build a quick demonstration and get a first test bench for the development. Yep, picoFlamingo has render itself as a very useful tool. Check the video below.

There is a lot to do, but first results are promising. After looking at performance it seems that is time to get into gstreamer and also check in deep how to accelerate the live video rendering. Maybe we will need to forget about OpenGL ES for this project... Let's see.

For now we can take small resolution photos using our OMAP Zoom and, actually stream that video to any picoFlamingo out there with connectivity to our PhotoMint demo. Actually the performance in the PC is a lot better even when streaming from the ZoomII.

The picoFlamingo Teams