PhotoMint... Put an OMAP on your Digital Camera

PhotoMint is a new and revolutionary concept of personal digital camera. It is not about the camera itself, it is about how do you use your digital camera.
PhotoMint Mechanical ConceptPhotoMint Mechanical Concept

What makes PhotoMint different of any other digital camera out there?

  • Voice Activated Shooting. Have you ever used your camera delayed shot system?. With PhotoMint voice activated shooting you just need to say "Cheese!" to shot your PhotoMint.
  • Photo Fiesta!. Have you ever waited for the photos other people took? Have you waited for a long time?... Have you waited for ever?. No more waiting. With PhotoMint Photo Fiesta feature you get your Fiesta Partners photos as they are taken.
  • Photo Sync. Place your Fiesta Partners all around the big event and make all the PhotoMints shot at once. Take those special moments from any angle, any position all at the same time.

Say Cheese!

The powerful PhotoMint uses the latest speech recognition technology to allow shooting your photos using your voice.

Instead of using the prehistoric delayed shooting mechanism of most of the cameras out there and then run like hell to get into the picture, just walk to your place, do your hair, prepare your smile and then say "CHEESE!!"

How does Photo Fiesta work?

Photo Fiesta is simple and straight forward. It only needs three simple steps:

  • Press the Photo Fiesta button on your PhotoMint.
  • Choose one of the Photo Fiestas taking place or create your own.
  • Now you are a Fiesta Partner... just start the Fiesta!
  • Once you have joined a Photo Fiesta, all the photos you take are automatically sent to any other Fiesta Partner and any photo taken by your Fiesta Partners are automatically sent to you.

    You do not need to ask your friends for their photos. You just get them as they are taken!

    How does Photo Sync work?

    Once a Photo Fiesta has been started, all the Fiesta Partners can take photos at any time, but when something important is about to happen, any of the Fiesta Partners can request a Photo Sync shot.

    You just need to press the Photo Sync button and a request will be sent to all your Fiesta Partners. If they accept the request, you become the master of an amazing multi-angle, multi-position mega digital camera.

    Every time you shot with your PhotoMint, all your Fiesta Partners PhotoMints will shot at the same time!!!

    Get those special moments on 3D!

    PhotoMint has been carefully designed so the distance between the camera lens and the edge of the PhotoMint is exactly half of your Intra Ocular Distance.

    PhotoMint Stereo SetupPhotoMint Stereo Setup

    Get the idea?. Just place two PhotoMints together, start a Photo Fiesta and do your Photo Sync!

    Yep, the second PhotoMint has to be flipped to get the right distance between both lenses. Do not worry, your PhotoMint accelerometers will take care of that.

    Get your 3D photos as anaglyphs so you can use cheap red-blue glasses, or ask your PhotoMint to produce side-by-side 3D images if you are the lucky owner of a 3D passive stereo system!

    Possibilities are endless!

    What are you waiting for?... get your PhotoMint, and enjoy a fresh future today!