picoFlamingo's got Website!

An initial website for the picoFlamingo project has just been released. This substitutes our really nice (but quite usefulness) entry page :).

The website provides a detailed project description, including hardware, software and how it is expected to work, and what we want to achieve. We hope this information will provide our visitors a better idea about the features of picoFlamingo.

All the projects downloads will also be available from this website, including source code and documentation, but for now, that section is empty.

Many thanks to the Papermint Team, for the nice web design and all the graphical work. We really like this pink Neon flamingo...the Neon make us think about the BeagleBoard processor ;).



Nice Logo but...

I would like to see the flamingo's legs, this is the most characteristic of a flamingo, isn't? ; =)