GNU/EDMA Version 0.18.0 is out!

It took a bit more than expected but GNU/EDMA 0.18.0 is out. If you're curious you can download it here.

OpenGL ES 2.0 support on latest Android NDK r3

Hi There!

After seeing the entry in news feed about a new release of the Android NDK, I checked the link, and my eyes got caught into the section OpenGL 2.0 Support.

OMAP Zoom2 is Finally back

OMAP Zoom II aloneHi there!
Finally, it is back!!. According to the included RMA Analysis Report, the cause of the problem was this:

"Initially, LABII unit would not boot to Android. Failure traced to shorting on main PC assembly, Caused by uncleaned flux from the original manufacture. The main PC board could not be repaired, so it was replaced. With the new main PC assembly installed the LABII kit passed all tests."

emerald... Shared Memory Ownership

GNU/EDMA uses shared memory to keep its core classes repository. Using shared memory makes thinks like run-time installation and hotswap easier.

However, GNU/EDMA has had a problem because that from the very beginning... shared memory ownership. Whenever you create a shared memory block, that block belongs to the user that created it, and therefore, only that user (or root) can delete it.

There are three main ways to deal with this issue.

OSG 2.9.6 binaries for BeagleBoard Available for Download


Some people have asked about our experiments with OpenScenegraph on the BeagleBoard so we have uploaded what we have done so far to our web. You will find two download blocks; Just to Try and Or to play..... Keep reading to know what is there.

This article has already been moved to the our new blog. Please update any link to this post as it will be removed in the future. This post is available clicking the link below:

GNU/EDMA Run-Time Class Install and Object Hot Swap

After a short pause this weekend I come back to GNU/EDMA. I'm working to produce a stable version and I will comment in this blog my unofficial progress. For official news check Savannah.

What I would like to show you is the object hot swap capabilities of the system. Such feature has been there for a while, but what is new, is that now the update scripts can be wrote in Python :). Check the image below

Next Generation picoFlamingo Interface

Hi there!

We proudly present the next generation interface for picoFlamingo (and other stuff that is coming, we'll talk about it soon); a homemade data glove to interact with 3D objects in your presentations using your fingers. This is how the prototype looks like.

NetKitty successful tales

Yes, believe it or not, that small program has been one of the most useful applications I've ever used. I will tell you about the latest situations I used NetKitty (version 1.7-RSO :), and how it helped.

OpenSceneGraph 2.9.6 on the BeagleBoard

Hi there!

Yes, OSG 2.9.6 includes OpenGL ES support and therefore support for OMAP based devices as the BeagleBoard. So we decided to try it, and that is what we achieved.

This article has already been moved to the our new blog. Please update any link to this post as it will be removed in the future. This post is available clicking the link below:

Busy time


We're still alive but but really busy these months. Personal and professional matters had kept us very busy and we had to spend our scarce time testing the Zoom OMAP MDP, that finally seems to have some hardware problems. At this point we'd got and RMA and send it back. Now we are looking forward to get it back and continue working.

The problem was a really strange one, and we would like to thank to all the people on the irc for their help identifying and isolating the problem. Great support and great people there!

It's shiny!

Finally it is here!

Yesterday we received the OMAP Zoom II MDP and the first thing we thought was... It's really shiny. Now, we are starting playing with it, but it will take a while, this month is being really busy.

OMAP Zoom II aloneOMAP Zoom II alone

ETechDays Community Lightning Talks Feedback

Hi There!

Busy days again, and not too much time to update the blog.

First of all we will like to say that we really enjoyed the Community Talks last Thursday, but we missed some of them, so we are looking forward to get the recordings!

Second, we would like to thank to all the people that provide us with feedback in the questions round for our talk. We really appreciate that and that is the reason we wait so long to write this entry... we were thinking about all these comments.

Here are the main topics and what we would do.

Alternative Presentation for ETechDays Community Lightning Talks


As you probably know, we are going to give a brief talk about the picoFlamingo for the "ETechDays Community Lightning Talks" on Thursday 27.

For that we prepared a ppt presentation, but, to let you know what is going on with the project, we made a version of that presentation using our PRISCILA tool (the picoFlamingo's big sister). Here it is:

Could picoFlamingo run on OpenPandora?

We have just found this nice link (note the Google translation box in the right column)

Download the picoFlamingo "Pink Egg"!

Hi There!

As promised some time ago, here is the first picoFlamingo release (codename "The Pink Egg"). All the files you need to run "The Pink Egg" in your BeagleBoard can be downloaded from here:

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