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Busy time


We're still alive but but really busy these months. Personal and professional matters had kept us very busy and we had to spend our scarce time testing the Zoom OMAP MDP, that finally seems to have some hardware problems. At this point we'd got and RMA and send it back. Now we are looking forward to get it back and continue working.

The problem was a really strange one, and we would like to thank to all the people on the irc for their help identifying and isolating the problem. Great support and great people there!

It's shiny!

Finally it is here!

Yesterday we received the OMAP Zoom II MDP and the first thing we thought was... It's really shiny. Now, we are starting playing with it, but it will take a while, this month is being really busy.

OMAP Zoom II aloneOMAP Zoom II alone

ETechDays Community Lightning Talks Feedback

Hi There!

Busy days again, and not too much time to update the blog.

First of all we will like to say that we really enjoyed the Community Talks last Thursday, but we missed some of them, so we are looking forward to get the recordings!

Second, we would like to thank to all the people that provide us with feedback in the questions round for our talk. We really appreciate that and that is the reason we wait so long to write this entry... we were thinking about all these comments.

Here are the main topics and what we would do.

Alternative Presentation for ETechDays Community Lightning Talks


As you probably know, we are going to give a brief talk about the picoFlamingo for the "ETechDays Community Lightning Talks" on Thursday 27.

For that we prepared a ppt presentation, but, to let you know what is going on with the project, we made a version of that presentation using our PRISCILA tool (the picoFlamingo's big sister). Here it is:

Could picoFlamingo run on OpenPandora?

We have just found this nice link (note the Google translation box in the right column)


Download the picoFlamingo "Pink Egg"!

Hi There!

As promised some time ago, here is the first picoFlamingo release (codename "The Pink Egg"). All the files you need to run "The Pink Egg" in your BeagleBoard can be downloaded from here:


picoFlamingo first Winner for BeagleBoard Sponsored Projects Program


After a short vacation we are back and in our mailbox we've got a nice mail telling us that picoFlamingo is the first Monthly Winner for the BeagleBoard Sponsored Projects Program.

The advent of the "Pink Egg"


After an incubation period, the "Pink Egg" has arrived. It looks like something is growing inside :).

picoFlamingo Test 3. Text and Image

Hi There!

A new picoFlamingo demo is out there. This time running in our new BeagleBoard Rev C3, donated by BeagleBoard.org as part of their Sponsored Projects Program.

picoFlamingo Spinning Cubes with Per-Fragment Lighting

Hi there!

Our second video is here. We have made some progress with our OpenGL ES 2.0 render engine and prepared this new demo.

OpenGL ES 2.0. Hello Triangle+Quad+Rotation+Color Blending


The picoFlamingo Team proudly presents its first BeagleBoard 3D graphics test. It doesn't look too much, but what we were trying to do was to produce the minimal set of dependencies to produce an OpenGL ES 2.0 application. First of all, a short video and then, let's go to the details.

First picoFlamingo Component. NetKitty for beagleboard

Hi There!

This article has already been moved to the our new blog. Please update any link to this post as it will be removed in the future. This post is available clicking the link below:


picoFlamingo's got Website!

An initial website for the picoFlamingo project has just been released. This substitutes our really nice (but quite usefulness) entry page :).


We have just started the picoFlamingo, a portable presentation system for the BeagleBoard and the picoDLP projector.

The project web site is being finished these days and we hope to have it up and running very soon. Any news about the project can be followed through this blog.


The picoFlamingo Team

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