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MUVIMAN a PhotoMint Deviation

MUVIMAN is a simple PhotoMint deviation. MUVIMAN extends the idea of real-time image sharing to real-time video sharing. Based on picoFlamingo this system allows to watch different real-time video streams and zoom into any of them.

MUVIMAN is aimed to support security guards on museums or offices allowing them to check in advance nearby video sources to increase their situation awareness.

We prepared a very simple concept demonstration and put it on a video.

PhotoMint First Tests

photoMintHi there,

Yesterday we announced our new project: PhotoMint. We think this is a nice project specially suited for our OMAP ZoomII and a interesting way to get us into the OMAP DSP world that we have not tried yet.

PhotoMint... Put an OMAP on your Digital Camera

PhotoMint is a new and revolutionary concept of personal digital camera. It is not about the camera itself, it is about how do you use your digital camera.
PhotoMint Mechanical ConceptPhotoMint Mechanical Concept

picoFlamingo "Cracking Egg". Clock Demo

One of the most interesting features in the new picoFlamingo ("The Cracking Egg") is the possibility to dynamically update slides. In order to illustrate this feature we had written this clock demonstration. It looks like this:

Cracking Egg Clock DemoCracking Egg Clock Demo

As you can imagine the digital clock in the middle of the screen will update every sec. The best thing is that this demo is almost trivial using the new UPDATE_TEXT command.

picoFlamingo Case Prototype


Our first try to put everything in a case. Still needs lot of work but it's a beginning. For a final version we will need to unsolder some connectors and build a small power supply to be able to use just one power source for everything

picoFlamingo case for Beagleboard 1picoFlamingo case for Beagleboard 1

And this is how it will look like with the picoDLP on top, before adding all the pico cabling. We also build a simpler case for our old B6.

picoFlamingo "Cracking Egg" Preview

Check this video showing the new main features included in the next picoFlamingo version, "The Cracking Egg". What you see on that video is a work in progress version and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Keep reading for the details...

The "Making of" picoFlamingo. Chapter 1

Making of picoFlamingo. Chapter 01Hi there!

We announced this some time ago, and actually, the first draft was ready at some time in April, however it has been difficult to get time for reviewing it. It is far from being complete, and will need a couple of updates, but it is an start.

CP 1: Magic Frame

Let's first introduce CP.

CP stands for Cool Project... and what's that?. Well, we are having lots of ideas and not too much time so we are putting them here and, maybe, somebody else will implement them sooner than us, or maybe they have already been implemented and we are not aware of that. In the next weeks we will be telling you about these CPs and hopefully some of you will bring them to live or will warn us about something already done.

Let's go for this Magic Frame CP!

Ave picoFlamingus. Julius te saluta!

Hi there!

This is our next step towards a fully portable picoFlamingo: Speech Recognition. This new feature makes the remote control device optional so, only the picoFlamingo box (will come at some point) is all you
need to make a presentation at any time in any place.

For speech recognition we are using Julius. A very nice tool that seems quite stable and powerful. Check out this video demonstration.

OSG and picoFlamingo Runing in the OMAP Zoom2


Finally we've some time to start working with the OMAP Zoom 2 and you can check the results in this video.

OpenGL ES 2.0 support on latest Android NDK r3

Hi There!

After seeing the entry in OmapZoom.org news feed about a new release of the Android NDK, I checked the link, and my eyes got caught into the section OpenGL 2.0 Support.

OMAP Zoom2 is Finally back

OMAP Zoom II aloneHi there!
Finally, it is back!!. According to the included RMA Analysis Report, the cause of the problem was this:

"Initially, LABII unit would not boot to Android. Failure traced to shorting on main PC assembly, Caused by uncleaned flux from the original manufacture. The main PC board could not be repaired, so it was replaced. With the new main PC assembly installed the LABII kit passed all tests."

OSG 2.9.6 binaries for BeagleBoard Available for Download


Some people have asked about our experiments with OpenScenegraph on the BeagleBoard so we have uploaded what we have done so far to our web. You will find two download blocks; Just to Try and Or to play..... Keep reading to know what is there.

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Next Generation picoFlamingo Interface

Hi there!

We proudly present the next generation interface for picoFlamingo (and other stuff that is coming, we'll talk about it soon); a homemade data glove to interact with 3D objects in your presentations using your fingers. This is how the prototype looks like.

OpenSceneGraph 2.9.6 on the BeagleBoard

Hi there!

Yes, OSG 2.9.6 includes OpenGL ES support and therefore support for OMAP based devices as the BeagleBoard. So we decided to try it, and that is what we achieved.

This article has already been moved to the our new blog. Please update any link to this post as it will be removed in the future. This post is available clicking the link below:


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