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WEL51. Virus Hacking, Cut your Rpi in two, Reverse Engineering Serial Ports, Acoustic Cryptanalysis, Digital Attractiveness


Immunity Project. "We're developing a free vaccine to end HIV and AIDS." Virus Hacking!

Cut your Raspberry in Two and keep using it!

Autonomously Estimating Attractiveness using Computer Vision

Reading RFID tags with BeagleBone Black

I had already used my ID-12 RFID reader with the BeagleBoard, the Pandaboard and also Arduino. It is very straight forward but I will just keep some notes here for the future.

The ID12 outputs the RFID codes through a 5V serial port, so the interfacing is very simple. For the BeagleBone Black we just need to shift the serial port levels to 3.3V and enable one of the multiple serial ports.

TESTCape. Understanding the Device Tree (PART I)

In our NULLCape tutorial (LINK) we explored the basics of BeagleBone cape development. Now it is time to go into the real stuff, and for that, we need to understand how the Device Tree infrastructure works. Here begins the development of the TESTCape and our journey into this black magic stuff!

imgfs. Dealing with those annoying image file names on Google+

Had you ever got feed up with all those images on Google+ with the same file name?. Maybe this is not an issue for you or maybe there are simpler solutions, but for me it had become pretty annoying the fact that most of the pictures in the Google+ post have the same name so I have always to rename the file before saving it.

WEL 50. AR, Steampunk, ARTs, RFID, Ion Propulsion, 3D Projectors


AR-RIFT.... Occulus Rift Mod for Augmented Reality

Start your car with an RFID fov.

Camper On Hydraulics Is Cooler Than Any Treehouse

WEL46.Cool Robots, Arts, Security, SDR, RFID, BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi projects...


Morphs. A prototype for adaptive and kinetic structures

Inherent Motives from William Bondin on Vimeo.

Lego NXT Tree Climbing Robot “Sloth”

WEL45. Augmented Reality, Tangible interfaces, RFID and VideoGames Hacking, Robots and Boards


Augmented Reality BreadBoard circuit building guide

Build your own Nuclear Fusor

MIT inFORM. A tangible display from MIT MediaLab

Four Unorthodox Ways to Transfer Files

Transferring files between computers has become a trivial task. Web, FTPs or SSH servers are common in nowadays computers. However, sometimes those standard services are not right there and you need to fallback to more basic transfer solutions which, anyway, are a lot cooler than an FTP or SSH server.

Let's introduce 4 unorthodox (and cool) ways to transfer files in case you are in a emergency. I had used all of them in some special situations, so I will give some examples on situations where they had been useful for me.

NULLCape. How to Roll your own BeagleBone Capes (Part IV)

If you have been following this tutorial, you should have a fully functional NULLCape. Probably, you would also be thinking: "Yes, that's right, but this NULLCape is useless". And you are completely right... However, this can be easily improved with just some wires... Keep reading to know how.

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