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Open Source Hardware Logo

Hi everybody!

The Open Hardware Summit want a logo for Open Hardware to be attached to the definition. Of course we love to participate, so these are our proposals:

New cover and content for Occam's Razor magazine

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time since my last entry. We did some stuff in the way hoping it comes soon the result...

Going to the point, as the title says, we have collaborated in another issue of OR the Techie Spanish magazine. This is issue 5 so congratulations from here!

truck or treat...

Hi everybody,

Halloween is the perfect excuse to do something cute.

We can't resist the monster sexappeal side and decide to do something. So we are having a party for kids on this month and a terrrific poster to announce.

If you want to use for your own scary party just download the full size image without the test from the image gallery (here)

Enjoy the sangría!


Papermint graphics for Occams Razor nº4!

Hi everybody,

It is been a really busy "open" summer after all... working in picoFlamingo and making the graphic contents for Occams nº4 (Techie Spanish magazine).

This is a special number about security so, all the graphics we made are based on this topic. The one they choose for the front page is a drawing based on surveillance camera photo:

picoFlamingo splash screen

Hi everybody!

We are working in a new concept for the picoFlamingo team. This time we are requested to do the splash screen for their first version based in an egg...

picoFlamingo seal

Hi everybody,

Here you can find the seal made for the team of picoFlamingo.

PicoFlamingo Web layout

We have just sent to the PicoFlamingo team a concept for the web of the project.

They was looking for a easy to navigate, clear and simple web where to explain the project and put the main stuff.

So we tried central body with fixed width, one column, choosing this colors:

* GREY: Because of all this geek stuff is metal and plastic : )
* PINK: Well, somebody remember the name of the project?

Welcome to PaperMint Community

PaperMint Community is a meeting point for designers and techies:

  • For developers, a place to get the visual impact for their projects.
  • For artist, a place to bring their creativity to the latest technologies.

What is it about?

  • This is about putting in touch developers and artists.
  • This is about bringing taste to technology.
  • This is about transfering technology to design.
  • This is about sharing your knowledge.
  • This is about keep on learning.

Welcome to the paperMint Community!

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